Racism is racism and it is disgusting

I don’t care if you’re black white asian Hispanic or Middle Eastern racism is disgusting I don’t care who you’re racist against it could be anyone even white people yes people can be racist against white people I don’t know why people think that’s not a possibility but it still happens and it is disgusting just like white people who are discriminatory against black people are disgusting so why don’t we just stop racism all around instead of insulting each other left and right let’s just throw some good-natured barbs or better yet let’s just making jokes about each other seems a little easier than just being racist and if you’re going to hate somebody hate them for a legit reason like the car they drive not the color of their skin

Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.




Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

"You’d be surprised", said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely "men can’t be raped" anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.

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Dragonite is so ugly compared to Dragonair. I will never get over the fact such a beautiful Pokemon evolving into that goofy looking fatass.


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My relationship with my followers

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